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Kids' Music By Style


Kids music by style, from rock to reggae, from jazz to punk, from lullabies to Disney.
  1. Lullabies for Babies
  2. Disney Music for Kids
  3. Folk Music for Kids
  4. Rock Music for Kids
  5. World Music for Kids
  1. Jazz Music for Kids
  2. Pop Music for Kids
  3. New Wave Music for Kids
  4. Soundtracks for Kids

Lullabies for Babies

Kids Music

These lullabies for babies are guaranteed to soothe the savage beast.

Disney Music for Kids

Disney Music

Lots of Disney music, from soundtracks to the latest tween sensation.

Folk Music for Kids

Folk music for kids, from classic vinyl to the newest releases.

Rock Music for Kids

More cowbell! Rock music for kids that grownups will dig, too.

World Music for Kids

kids music

Music for kids from around the world, from reggae to samba to polka.

Jazz Music for Kids

Kids Music

Jazz music for kids, from cool blues to hot instrumentals.

Pop Music for Kids

Kids Music

Radio-ready pop music for kids, from power pop to soft rock.

New Wave Music for Kids

Kids Music

Dig DEVO? Then you'll love these new wave CDs for kids.

Soundtracks for Kids

Kids Music

Soundtracks for the whole family, from Disney films to indie flicks to straight-to-DVD releases.

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