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Wayne Potash - A Day in the Life

Potash Creates Classic Kids' Music Via Classic Rock Influences

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Kids Music
Courtesy Happy House Records
A Day in the Life, a 24-song rock opera for and about kids, is literally about a day in the life of your average kid, from his wide-eyed waking moments to dreams of trains. Potash himself admits being influenced musically on A Day in the Life by classic folk, country, and rock musicians, including The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Woody Guthrie, The Who, Johnny Cash, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan. One of the best kids' music albums of 2010.

The Artist

Parents' Choice Award winner Wayne Potash has been creating music for many years in and around the Boston area, including stints in the groups X-Dreams, The Hackmasters, and The Winiker Big Band. He inadvertently stumbled into the kids' music scene, which led to the releases of his kids' music albums The Wayne Tape, Music Fun, Yodel for a Fish, and now A Day in the Life.

The Music

A Day in the Life is packed with irresistably catchy tunes like the album-opening "Wake Up," the dobro-flavored "Seeing My Friends," and the swaying "Lunch." You also get some blues boogie tunes like "Ready for Dinner" and "Clean Down", a few straight-ahead rockers like "Getting Dressed," and a touch of country rock in songs like "Eat My Breakfast."

Potash must have realized that "After My Bath" was so influenced by The Beatles' "Getting Better" that he threw in a lyrical reference to "Yellow Submarine." And dig the classic rock trio of "Snack Time," "I'm Going," and "I'm an Artist:" the first echoes Who's Next-era Pete Townshend, the second mirrors Paul McCartney's joyful "Dance Tonight", and the third is reminiscent of the wistful rock of The Bevis Frond.

Other highlights include the hypnotizingly beautiful "I Wanna Take a Nap," the tender ode to toy trucks "Backhoes", and the precious, harmony-filled "Cuddle Right Up." These 24 short songs (most are under two minutes long) really convey the wonder, frustration, and joy of being a kid from a kid's point of view.

The Verdict

Although A Day in the Life is filled with a variety of musical styles, Potash and his band's performances tie everything together thematically so that each song flows into another on the album, giving the whole project a cohesive sound. Wayne Potash's A Day in the Life is a brilliant idea expertly and entertainingly brought to fruition, and is one of the best kids' music albums of 2010.

Released November 10, 2009; Happy House Records

Track Listing

  1. "Wake Up"
  2. "Getting Dressed"
  3. "Eat My Breakfast"
  4. "Brush My Teeth"
  5. "I'm a Big Kid Now"
  6. "Seeing My Friends"
  7. "Snack Time"
  8. "I'm Going"
  9. "I'm an Artist"
  10. "Hands Clean"
  11. "Clean Down"
  12. "Lunch"
  13. "I Wanna Take a Nap"
  14. "All I'd Do is Play"
  15. "Belly Button"
  16. "Fingerpickin' Boogie"
  17. "Time to Go"
  18. "Backhoes"
  19. "Ready for Dinner"
  20. "After My Bath"
  21. "Bedtime Routine"
  22. "Bedtime Story"
  23. "Cuddle Right Up"
  24. "Bring Back My Freight Train"
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