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Various Artists - Toy Story 3 Soundtrack

Randy Newman Returns with Music for the Toy Story 3 Soundtrack

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Disney Music
Courtesy Walt Disney Records
On his sixth soundtrack for Disney Pixar, including a couple of the Best Disney Pixar Soundtracks of all time, Randy Newman doesn't disappoint as his classic composing style shines through.

The Artist

Singer/songwriter Randy Newman ("I Love L.A.," "Short People," "Mama Told Me {Not to Come}") has composed six soundtracks for Disney Pixar, beginning with Toy Story in 1995, followed by A Bug's Life in 1998, Toy Story 2 in 1999, Monsters, Inc. in 2001, Cars in 2006, and Toy Story 3 in 2010.

His songwriting career began back in 1964 with tunes recorded by Irma Thomas, Jerry Butler, Gene Pitney, and Cilla Black, among others. Newman's first soundtrack effort was 1971's Cold Turkey, although his next effort, 1981's Ragtime, really put him on the soundtrack map.

The Music

Musically, the Toy Story 3 Soundtrack is classic Newman Disney Pixar silver screen composing. Sweeping, string-laden overtures; military marches with a harmonica thrown in; quiet, mysterious, tippy-toe tunes; exciting orchestral bursts; sentimental melodies; and subtle hints of New Orleans blues and jazz.

There are three tunes, though, that will definitely catch listeners' ears. A flamenco-flavored rendition of "You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Para Buzz Español)," performed by the Gipsy Kings, will keep you dancing; the horn-filled, Memphis pop, end credit song "We Belong Together," is destined to be a classic; and the kitchy, wordless, lounge music of "Zu-Zu (Ken's Theme)" will have tiny hipsters snappin' their fingers.

The Verdict

Now, the Toy Story 3 Soundtrack is exactly that: a soundtrack. If you and your kids want a sing-along album of movie tunes, this might not be the CD for you. But if you're a fan of big screen soundtrack music, and Randy Newman's in particular, the Toy Story 3 Soundtrack won't disappoint. The Toy Story 3 Soundtrack is currently only available as a digital download.

Released June 15, 2010; Walt Disney Records

Track Listing

Disney MusicCourtesy Disney Pixar
  1. "We Belong Together"
  2. "You've Got a Friend in Me (para el Buzz Español)"
  3. "Cowboy!"
  4. "Garbage?"
  5. "Sunnyside"
  6. "Woody Bails"
  7. "Come to Papa"
  8. "Go See Lotso"
  9. "Bad Buzz"
  10. "You Got Lucky"
  11. "Spanish Buzz"
  12. "What About Daisy?"
  13. "To The Dump"
  14. "The Claw"
  15. "Going Home"
  16. "So Long"
  17. "Zu-Zu (Ken's Theme)"
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