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Rock Music for Children

For air guitar specialists and headbangers extraordinaire...if your little ones love to rock, these artists will be right down their alley.

Dog On Fleas - Beautiful World
Review of Dog On Fleas' fifth album for kids, Beautiful World.

The Board of Education - The Board of Education
Review of The Board of Education's self-titled debut album.

The Baby Grands - The Baby Grands
Review of The Baby Grands' self-titled debut album.

Ernie & Neal - Christmas Rocks!
Review of Ernie & Neal's holiday album Christmas Rocks!

Daddy A Go Go - Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate
John Boydston's Daddy A Go Go rocks out on his fifth CD for kids, Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate.

Justin Robert - Pop Fly
Kids' music superstar Justin Roberts knocks it out of the park with his sixth CD for kids, Pop Fly.

Teacher and The Rockbots - Science
Rockers from Kansas make science fun!

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